Ah, Ah, Earthquake, Ah


Japan Post Disaster 050

The first installment of the three articles I wrote about traveling in earthquake-devastated Japan, for Slate.com came out today.


A little behind the scenes story. I was in the middle of writing part 2, the part about the radiation-exposed fisherman in Fukushima, when suddenly my house in Brooklyn started shaking. At first I thought somebody was doing construction somewhere in the neighborhood. But the shaking got harder, and finally I ran out into the street.

There, I found my California-born neighbor, Chad. “Earthquake,” he said nonchalantly. (I figured he had to be an expert).

So while I was writing about one earthquake, I was experiencing another. Earthquake stereo.

Like I said, writing this piece was really a trip. Part 2 goes up on Slate.com tomorrow. Stay tuned.